Experimental and Applied Biology

Course coordinator: Prof. Francesco Moccia, francesco.moccia@unipv.it

Master in Experimental and Applied Biology - The Programme

In the frame of the Master in Experimental and Applied Biology, the student will have the opportunity to choose between the environmental area or the biomedical-bioanalytical one. The activity related to the preparation of the thesis will be an important phase of the formation pathway and will require a considerable number of credits.
In the first case, a deeper knowledge related to the biodiversity of ecosystems, via a dynamic-evolutive approach, will be privileged. This curriculum, essentially based on botanical, zoological and ecological disciplines will be integrated by specialistic knowledge of the more up-to-date molecular techniques applied to the study of the environment and to the statistical analysis of biological data. If the cultural and professional orientation of the student is addressed towards a biomedical-bioanalytical path, the disciplines in the cellular and molecular area will be the favored choice.
In the biomedical area, the student will deepen his/her knowledge of cell and molecular biology accompanied by courses on pharmacology, general pathology and immunology, with the aim to obtain an active integration with the biomedical, clinical and pharmaceutical research fields.
In both areas, the students will be associated to a research group and actively participate in one of the group’s research projects carrying out a scientific investigation under the supervision of a department member. The experimental work must result into a Dissertation that will represent an essential component of the Course programme.

Moreover, students interested mainly in the biological analysis laboratory work, in the wider sense (clinical analyses in the hospital, environmental analyses indoor and outdoor as well as production-related) will be given the opportunity to obtain the theoretical-practical knowledge to carry out biochemical, genetic, microbiological, cytological, parasitological and toxicological analyses together with the current regulations in the laboratory, environment and medical field. The students will then be able to further enlarge their knowledge on the bioanalytical techniques during the preparation of their thesis and in the course of possible stages carried out in labs outside the University to favor the approaching of the labor market.

The Master degree, depending on graduates’cultural and professional orientation, will lead to work in the verification, running and conservation of the environment; in the biomedical field; in diagnostic laboratories; in teaching of Biology at various levels.

 COURSES (SUBJECTS) 2021-2022 – Teaching Language Italian 

Complete Syllabus of the Experimental and Applied Biology course units link (text in italian and in english).

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BA, Bioanalysis; BAB, Environmental Biology and Biodiversity; SBM, Biomedical Molecular Sciences

500765Molecular Methodologies for Biodiversity Conservation↗️6BAB11Balestrazzi A.
Gomulski L.
500771Behavioral Ecology↗️6BAB11Gazzola A.
504233Environmental Physiology↗️6BAB11Tanzi F.↗️
500775Biology of Populations and Communities↗️6Optional course BAB11Bonizzoni M.
Ometto L.
502415Bioacustics↗️6Optional course BAB12Pavan G.↗️
500776Marine and Freshwater Ecology↗️9BAB12Occhipinti A.
Marchini A.
500779Environmental Microbiology↗️6BAB12Pasca M.R.
De Rossi E.
502256Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy and Citology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502259Laboratory of Biochemistry9Student's free choice1 or 21
509642Laboratory of Bioinformatics9Student's free choice1 or 21
502260Laboratory of Molecular Biology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502253Laboratory of Botanics9Student's free choice1 or 21
504292Laboratory of Environmental Botany9Student's free choice1 or 21
502257Laboratory of Ecology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502261Laboratory of Pharmacology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502258Laboratory of Physiology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502254Laboratory of Plant Physiology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502262Laboratory of Genetics9Student's free choice1 or 21
502265Laboratory of Immunology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502263Laboratory of Microbiology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502266Laboratory of Parasitology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502264Laboratory of General Pathology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502252Laboratory of Plant Pathology9Student's free choice1 or 21
502255Laboratory of Zoology9Student's free choice1 or 21
508282Molecular Methods in Forensic Genetics↗️6Student's free choice BAB11Previderè C.↗️
500733Microscopic and Citochemistry Techniques↗️6BA11Biggiogera M.
Milanesi G.
500741Laboratory of Statistics↗️6BA11Gentilini D.
Fazia T.
500742Biochemical-Clinical Analysis↗️9BA12Catricalà S.
Lavatelli F.
504456Micology and Parasites in Lab↗️6BA11Savino E.
Rodolfi E.
Castelli M.
500749Genetics and Molecular Methodologies↗️6BA12Achilli A.↗️
500750Microbiological Analysis↗️9BA12Pasca M.R.
500760Clinical Pathology and Immunology↗️6Optional course BA12Scotti C.
Ferrarotti I.
500753Toxicological Analysis↗️6Optional course BA11Pastoris O.
Dossena M.
500757Environmental Hygiene↗️6Optional course BA12Fonte A.
Farsetta G.
500717Medical Biochemistry↗️9SBM11Canobbio I.↗️
505048Human Molecular Genetics↗️9SBM11Pellegata N.
Ranzani G.N.
500718Cellular and Molecular Physiology↗️9SBM11Moccia F.↗️
500727Molecular Biology of the Cell↗️6SBM12Montecucco A.↗️
505049Advanced Cellular Biology↗️6SBM12Rebuzzini P.↗️
505050Pharmacology and Experimental Therapy↗️6SBM12Villa R.F.↗️
500730Molecular Pathology and Immunogenetics↗️6SBM12Iamele L.↗️
504237Instruments for Quality and Environment↗️6BAB21Bisogni G.
Vaccari V.
502290Statiscal Analysis and Environmental Models↗️6BAB21Monti M.C.↗️
502288Ecotoxicology↗️6BAB21Pastoris O.↗️
502292Evolutionary Biology↗️9BAB22Gomulski L.↗️
500852Conservation Genetics↗️6Optional course BAB21Torroni A.
Olivieri A.
500580Analitical Chemistry of pollutants↗️6Optional course BAB21Sturini M.
Canova L.
502295Parasite and Symbiotic Associations↗️6Optional course BAB21Sassera D.↗️
502274Quality Control and Management↗️3BA21Cavedoni L.↗️
502275Laws and Professional Ethics↗️3BA21Pastoni F.↗️
502276Citopathology↗️6Optional course BA21Perucca P.
Cazzalini O.
502277Industrial Biochemistry↗️6Optional course BA21Chiarelli L.↗️
502278Nutrition and Dietetics↗️6Optional course BA21Rossi P.↗️
502281Forensic Methods↗️3Optional course BA21Lambiase S.
Morini L.
508282Molecular Methods in Forensic Genetics↗️6Optional course BA21Previderè C.↗️
505046Advanced Microscopy↗️6SBM21Biggiogera M.
Milanesi G.
505047Citogenetics and Chromosomic Engineering↗️6SBM21Raimondi E.↗️
501554Bioinformatics↗️6SBM21Lescai F.↗️
501965Developmental and Stem Cell Biology↗️6Optional course SBM21Garagna S.↗️
503164Molecular Microbiology↗️6Optional course SBM21Buroni S.↗️
500647Radiobiology↗️6Optional course SBM22Baiocco G.↗️
502304Biomedical Parasitology↗️6Optional course SBM21Sassera D.↗️
508282Molecular Methods in Forensic Genetics↗️6Optional course SBM21Previderè C.↗️

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