Biological Sciences

Course coordinator: Prof. Anna Olivieri,

The PDF of the complete syllabus of the Biological Sciences course units can be downloaded here (text in italian and english).

The first level degree program in Biological Sciences is aimed to provide students with a thorough knowledge on the molecular, morphological  and  physiological features of all the processes related to life on Earth. The program integrates  lectures, laboratory stages and field trips to build a solid theoretic and methodological  training necessary to understand animals, plants and microbial organisms, in their natural contexts.

The study of the living things has grown tremendously in the last years and expanded from the understanding of the biochemical mechanism of life in the single cell to the analysis of the dynamics of complex ecosystems.  Thus, the general organization of the program must include wide range of disciplines.

The program  runs  over three years of time. Some early courses are aimed to provide adequate basic knowledge on Mathematics, Chemistry and Physics necessary to approach the study of the living systems at different levels.  Later, more specific courses will lead the student  through the all main disciplines of Biology, including Biochemistry, Physiology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, Zoology and Botanics.

Based on the personal interest and skill,  during the third year of the program, the student may integrate the educational program by  autonomously including some advanced courses focused on biomolecular, biomedical or environmental subjects.

Practical laboratory work is an integral and important part of the educational program. During the third year of the program, students are also invited to join a laboratory of the Department in order to experience the practical activity at the bench or on outdoor fieldwork, depending on the discipline of choice.  This experience will be the topic of an experimental thesis that the students will prepared by the end of the program and whose discussion will be the last event for the  final graduation.

The achievement of the first degree on Biological Sciences enables the graduates to direct access to all the master courses on Life Sciences offered by the Department of Biology and Biotechnology.

University of Pavia