Course coordinator: Prof. Gerardo Biella,

Complete Syllabus of the Neurobiology course units link

The Master course in Neurobiology provides students with a thorough knowledge of the molecular and cellular basis underlying the complex functioning of the nervous tissue and in particular of the brain.

Even if substantial improvement in understanding how the brain operates, has been achieved in the last decades, the genesis of thought, the neurobiology of consciousness, the quest for tools to counteract the impact of pathologies (such as neurodegenerative and psychiatric disorders) that compromise brain activity, remain unsolved topics.

Matter of intensive study in the first year of the Master course in Neurobiology will be the brain parenchyma with its cellular components and their interrelationships(quadripartite synapses and neurovascular units), neurogenesis, neurochemistry, cell physiology and pharmacology, morphological and functional organization of central nervous system.

The second year will focus on genetic and molecular basis of neuropathologies, neuropharmacology and behavior, integrated signals and emerging brain functions, modeling of brain circuits.

The students will benefit of advanced seminars on topics of interest and innovative technologies presented by experts in the field coming from worldwide.

The completion of the course program is achieved by discussing a thesis based on the results obtained from the experimental work done by the student in a laboratory involved in Neurobiology.

University of Pavia