Postdoctoral position in Human Molecular Immunobiology at INGM

Description: 1 junior postdoctoral position in Human Molecular Immunobiology is available starting from July 2017 in the unit of Genome Biology of Dr. Beatrice Bodega at INGM, Milan, Italy. In our lab we are interested in understanding the function of DNA repetitive elements in the epigenetic regulation of the transcriptional response of the cell. DNA repeats cover almost 70% of the human genome, and their function was largely ignored for decades. In particular, Transposable elements (TEs) account for the 45% of the genome, and there are emerging evidences in their involvement in the somatic plasticity of the genome and tissue-specific transcriptional complexity (i.e. ESC, brain).
Among TEs, we are investigating the LINE1 (L1) dynamics in CD4+ T cells different subsets (Naïve, Th1Th2, Th17 and Treg) finding a peculiar transcriptional regulation of TEs in human lymphocytes.
Our research includes molecular approaches as well as human primary cell purification and differentiation systems. Used methods cover the whole field of modern cell and molecular biology/biochemistry such as single cells transcriptional studies, immunofluorescence, biophysical techniques, in vitro chromatin assays, ChIP? and 4C coupled with NGS, etc. The hired candidate will benefit from the possibility to work in close collaboration with all the researchers of the Institute taking part in scientific discussions on a day to-day basis. We expect our new team members to be creative and interested in basic science and novel technologies.

Qualifications: Potential candidates should hold (or about to obtain) a PhD, or three years after degree experience, in molecular and cellular biology. We expect our new team members to be creative and interested in science and in developing novel technologies Previous experience in epigenetics field and immunobiology will be an added value.
Given the collaborative and multidisciplinary nature of the project, good communication and understanding of genome biology are also strongly recommended.

Please apply by sending a letter of motivation describing your interest in this research and past research experiences, a curriculum vitae and names of at least two referees to:

Dr. Beatrice Bodega
Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolare (INGM)

For additional info, please visit INGM website: